Omer 2020 – Dag 40

Forty days of Counting the Omer

Psalms 40, 90 and 140.

This 40th Day of Counting the Omer is a deeply significant day. It is the day Yeshua ascended into Heaven.

While we can all take some time to go and read the above Psalms, there is something significant about the number 40 that I would like to share with you today.

We know the many references to the number 40 in Scripture, and usually, it is associated with times of trials and testing.

• Moses at the age of 40, kills a man as a solution to his problem.
• But 40 years later after being in the desert, at the age of 80, he leads a nation out of slavery.

• While Moses is up on Mt. Sinai for 40 days, the people fail the test and sin by worshiping a golden calf.

• Moses sent the spies into the Land for 40 days – and we know how badly that ended. The Israelites wandered a total of 40 years in the wilderness.

• The prophet Jonah powerfully warned ancient Nineveh, for 40 days, that it’s destruction would come because of its many sins. And they repented!

• The prophet Ezekiel lay on His right side for 40 days to symbolise Judah’s sins.

• Messiah was tested in the wilderness for 40 days just before He began His earthly ministry.

• And He appeared to His disciples and many others during the 40 days following His resurrection.

So, why did He ascend on the 40th day?
Why not the 50th?

There may be a beautiful message embedded in Torah portion, Tazria, which points to this particular day.
(Leviticus 12:1 -13:59.)

In Leviticus 12, Adonai gives very specific instructions for the woman’s days of cleansing following the birth of a son, or a daughter.
For a son, she has a total of 40 days of cleansing.
For a daughter, 80 days of cleansing.

We need to understand this in the context of the firstborn and second born to consider these links.

Adam was firstborn of all mankind. He was made from the dust of the earth.
And then Adonai breathed His Ruach into Adam and he became a living soul.
(Gen 2:7; 1 Corinthians 15:45)

Our bodies and souls are our firstborns.
The Breath of YHWH is our second-born.
The second-born was supposed to rule over the first-born.

This pattern is played over and over from the 6th day of Creation.
• Beast first – Adam second.
• Adam’s body and soul first – Ruach of Adonai in Adam, second.
• Adam first – Eve second.

Now before you get a little worked up, this is not a motivation for women to rule over men!
Our Father gives us pictures in the natural to understand spiritual concepts. This is what a parable is.
Eve is a picture of the work of the Holy Spirit in each of our lives. (All the words for ‘Spirit’ in Hebrew, are Feminine.)

Now, Messiah came to redeem our firstborns – our souls.
Our second-borns are the Ruach Adonai. That doesn’t need redeeming.

So, now go back to the 40 days – the days of cleansing for a male child, an adam, a picture of the firstborn.
Messiah came after 4000 years (40 x 100) to redeem our sinful natures, our souls, our firstborns, and He does this by removing the sting of death, and establishing His authority (which is embedded in the 4th day of Creation), and this is perhaps one of the reasons why He rose on the 40th day?
It was the end of the 40 days of cleansing of a male child, a firstborn, our souls?

There is a beautiful picture embedded in the 80 days, but after such a long message, perhaps we can leave that for the last day of Counting the Omer?